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Projects and Ventures

We’re developing and commercializing exciting, first-of-their-kind technologies and projects

For more than 40 years, Oxy has been in a leader in carbon and storage in the Permian Basin. Now we’re applying our unique expertise to accelerate global CO2 emission reduction.

Large-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is essential for practical progress in near-term emissions reduction.

Global society is working hard to develop energy sources, technologies, processes, feedstocks and materials that don’t rely on hydrocarbons. But until human ingenuity gets us there, it’s our collective responsibility to implement solutions that reduce emissions today.

Oxy is developing numerous nascent technologies and approaches to help find net-zero fuel solutions. A big part of this innovation involves removing emissions directly from the atmosphere right now, while simultaneously working toward global commercialization of alternative fuels and materials.

One of the most exciting areas of development involves CCUS—which provides a proven pathway for near-term emission reduction. Implementation of CCUS, paired with proactive policies, can deliver large-scale solutions that help us meet 1.5°C scenarios, drive exponential advances in technical capabilities and achieve net-zero or beyond.

Carbon Innovation Projects and Ventures