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Essential Chemistry

A world leader in essential chemistry

OxyChem has enabled progress to a safer world with a higher standard of living throughout its 100+ year legacy of leadership. We are a top tier producer, both domestically and globally, of all the chemicals that we manufacture and market, with a reputation for prioritizing safety, environmental protection, customer service and sustainability to be the Partner of Choice.

Wide landscape view of OxyChem Ingleside plant

The thoughtful development and production of indispensable chemicals is fundamental to life for billions of people around the world. We are honored to help meet these important needs, from helping ensure safe drinking water and supporting health with disinfectants and multiple products used for medical care, to strengthening food security and enabling critical technologies and construction products that further prosperity and energy efficiency.

Product Families


Our chlor-alkali products include chlorine, which is used to make water safe to drink and for many construction-related products and is also used as a necessary component of most pharmaceuticals. OxyChem caustic soda is central to the production of pulp, paper and aluminum, and is used in battery recycling. Our caustic potash is a principal component in fertilizers, batteries, soaps and detergents and specialty glass. It will also be used in Oxy’s direct air capture facilities as part of our efforts to reduce atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.


OxyChem’s vinyl products include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin used for water supply piping and a broad array of medical supplies, including IV bags and medical tubing, as well as long-lasting construction materials, including for use in direct air capture facilities. The company develops and licenses its vinyl-related technologies to qualified manufacturers around the world, and plants currently using these technologies constitute more than a third of the world's ethylene-based capacity for producing vinyl chloride.

Chlorinated Organics

Our chlorinated organics portfolio includes 4CPe, an OxyChem-developed and patented product used in next-generation, climate-friendly refrigerants with low global-warming and zero ozone-depletion potential.

Other Essential Chemicals

OxyChem’s other essential chemicals include popular products for treating swimming pools, widely used sodium silicates, potassium carbonate (produced through our Armand Products joint venture) and more.

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