在含氧的, we hire and develop remarkable people with a passion to produce life-enhancing energy and chemical products and help us carry out our low-carbon strategy. Our multicultural workforce is dedicated to achieving the company's objectives, improving our environment and contributing to the communities where we operate.

Two 含氧的 employees leaning on work truck in field

在含氧的, we aim to actively engage employees on a global scale, and this starts with culture built on our core values:

  • 用激情领导
  • 超越期望
  • 负责任地交付成果
  • 释放的机会
  • 向善承诺



含氧的 is proud to be a valued employer and community partner wherever we operate. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining top talent with a passion for producing life-enhancing energy and chemical products. 含氧的 is committed to providing safe, supportive and high quality work environments, rewarding initiative and innovation, and treating every employee with dignity and respect.

含氧的 recruits candidates through job fairs, professional societies and campus recruiting, including expanded recruiting at historically black colleges and universities. Our multicultural workforce is key to achieving our strategic objectives, improving our environment and contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

氧的使命, vision and values unify our global workforce and drive innovation and operational excellence.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB)

Our goal is to give employees the resources they need to succeed both personally and professionally, as well as to foster a collaborative work environment where every employee feels a sense of belonging.

We foster an environment in which differences are celebrated and encouraged. We believe a workplace with employees of various backgrounds and unique experiences catalyzes innovation, 增长, strong performance and long-term value. 在含氧的, diversity is who we are, inclusion is how we work and belonging is how we thrive.

To advance diversity in our workforce, 我们扩大了伙伴关系, 培训, recruiting and mentoring programs. 例如, we partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to create educational and career opportunities for students, ranging from scholarships to internships. We also actively recruit veterans and members of the military who are completing their service.

Explore Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) 在含氧的.

请浏览我们的 EEO-1 2022年综合报告 浏览详细的U.S. 就业数据.

Workforce Development and Learning

Employee development 在含氧的 is a planned, collaborative process. 含氧的 offers in-house and external 培训 and development opportunities at all levels and locations to promote career 增长. We also provide both instructor-led and e-learning opportunities for personal 增长 and professional development. Employees and managers share the responsibility to align individual development needs and career opportunities with 含氧的’s business requirements and 增长 targets.

In 2021, 含氧的 implemented the global Strategic Technical Excellence Program (STEP) to recruit, develop and retain highly skilled and valued geoscientists, 工程师, scientists and other petrotechnical professionals who can collectively drive innovation, advance performance and inspire the future of energy.

We have further expanded our development and 培训 opportunities and programs for all employees from 94 on-demand professional development classes to over 3,000 on-demand classes with over 26,000种学习材料, 包括网络广播, 视频和音频书籍.


We strive to continuously improve workplace and contractor safety, prevent incidents and safeguard people and the environment in the communities where we operate. We expect both employees and contractors to uphold 含氧的's commitments to health and safety and our safety management standards and practices.

含氧的 is committed to offering programs that guide employees along the journey to better 物理 and mental health. 含氧的 has expanded its longstanding wellness initiative, 含氧的Health, to encourage active lifestyles and 物理 fitness. 含氧的Health programs support early detection of risks, which enables employees to undertake lifestyle changes to lessen or eliminate potential health concerns, as well as establish and meet targets that lead to better long-term health. 含氧的Health has had a direct impact on reduced absenteeism, long-term disability and short-term disability.


全年, the 含氧的Health team provides well-being awareness and education and activities on several different topics (i.e., 水化教育, 心理和情感健康, 营养, 步骤挑战, 心脏健康, 糖尿病的意识, preventive health care and more). This information is delivered in a variety of different ways, whether through safety briefings, 团队会议, 在线研讨会, 现场演示, internal social-networking platform posts, 或数字或印刷标牌.


Addressing well-being is imperative to help us all stay resilient, healthy and productive. 含氧的, 像许多其他组织一样, understands that racial injustices, acts of violence and economic pressures, combined with personal and professional demands, 会对我们每个人造成伤害吗. These factors have heightened awareness around mental health challenges at home and at work. Mental health support has become a key business objective th在含氧的 has addressed through the global well-being campaign, 对你承诺, that we launched in 2021 to educate employees and leaders about how our benefits can support them under the four pillars of well-being: mental, 物理, 社会和金融.

We continue to prioritize the importance of mental health and well-being through manager and employee programs and events. 一个程序, sponsored by 含氧的Health and the 心理健康 Matters employee resource group, was a "Talk Saves Lives" conversation with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to learn about common risk factors, how to spot warning signs in others and how to keep ourselves, 我们所爱的人, 以及我们社区的人的安全. 含氧的 is also a member of One Mind at Work, an employer coalition dedicated to implementing a gold standard for workplace mental health by combating stigma, improving access to treatment and prevention services, and fostering a psychologically safe culture. In 2022, 含氧的’s President and CEO and the Chairman of One Mind at Work participated in a video broadcast for employees about breaking down any stigma around mental health challenges at work and ensuring that mental health is an accepted and visible part of our well-being.

Additional examples of initiatives we have implemented to enhance employee well-being include:

  • Virgin Pulse – Virtual Well-Being Platform and Partner
    • Virgin Pulse is a digital platform that helps 含氧的 employees and their families stay active, build healthy habits and earn rewards. 雇员及配偶, both domestically and internationally, 可以跟踪活动, challenge and encourage one another, 以及获得奖励, such as gift cards or wellness products.
  • 立方体大脑休息课程
    • Through 含氧的Health’s Fitness team, 含氧的 offers ongoing virtual “brain break” sessions throughout each week. These 10-minute sessions offer the opportunity for 含氧的 employees to recharge and refocus by going through gentle movements, stretches or mindfulness moments right at their workstation.

Process Safety and Asset Integrity

含氧的 applies rigorous Process Safety Management (PSM) and Asset Integrity programs to safeguard personnel and assets, protect the environment and maintain operational reliability of equipment and systems. Individual business segments also implement procedures specific to their operations, which provide the steps necessary for personnel to comply with our company-wide standards. Process Safety and Asset Integrity performance indicators have been implemented across the company to foster sustained improvement.


Product stewardship is one of the cornerstones of 含氧的Chem's business, and the company's rigorous programs have helped us earn a reputation as one of the safest producers in the industry. 含氧的Chem's Product Stewardship systems to facilitate the safe and knowledgeable use of our products throughout the world and promote consistent compliance with product-related regulations.

An active member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), 含氧的Chem has implemented the ACC's Responsible Care® principles, as well as codes and standards of the ACC, the Chlorine Institute and the Vinyl Institute. Under its Responsible Care® program and ISO 9000 certification, a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance, 含氧的Chem surveys its customers annually to identify opportunities to improve products and services.

To read more on 含氧的Chem’s sustainability initiatives, visit 含氧的Chem可持续发展.


含氧的 demonstrates our commitment to respecting and upholding human rights as described in the company's 人权政策声明. Our 人权 Policy reinforces the company's commitments to operate in accordance with universally recognized rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of 人权; the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and 人权; the Voluntary Principles on Security and 人权; the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work; the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous 人s; and the ILO Convention 169 Concerning Indigenous and Tribal 人s in Independent Countries. It also addresses the company’s worldwide expectations for employees, 承包商和供应商, 安全服务提供商, and other key stakeholders regarding awareness, 尽职调查, 培训, 咨询, reporting and risk management practices regarding protection of human rights.

Read 人权政策声明 (PDF)