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Technical Advisory Services

Let our experts help your organization take practical action toward CO2 reduction

Our teams provide engineering, technical and corporate guidance for carbon capture, utilization and storage projects worldwide, with the goal of accelerating adoption through our expertise and experience.

With over 40+ years of experience in CO2 handling and permanent storage and up to 20+ million tons stored annually, our consulting engineers are qualified to offer carbon management capabilities, guidance and options like no one else in the industry. Services include consulting, engineering, project development and operational management of sequestration sites across the project lifecycle.

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Advisory Services

The ability to make practical progress today means this is an exciting time in carbon management. Here’s how we can help.

Permanently store captured CO2 at secure, monitored storage sites

Underground carbon storage is a practical, effective way to decarbonize almost any commercial or industrial operation. Our hub-based model will make the process scalable, allowing access to a shared carbon infrastructure that creates innovative economies and efficiencies for emitters looking to explore viable carbon management strategies.

Artist rendering of carbon sequestration hub

Rapid Assessment Modeling

For many organizations, carbon management is a frontier discipline. But with decades of experience, Oxy has even developed an assessment tool to quickly identify criteria regarding economic feasibility for various capture initiatives. 去和. no-go variables include overall carbon strategy, 物流, eligibility for tax incentives such as 45Q and LCFS and more.

Accredited Carbon Retirement

Oxy has built transparent CO2 accounting mechanisms, robust environmental safeguards and EPA-approved Monitoring, Reporting and Verification plans from the ground up. Now we can share this expertise with your team—helping track and certify each ton of CO2 stored safely underground to deliver against ESG goals, maintain proper documentation and qualify for applicable tax incentives.