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Performance Production

Producing energy efficiently, reliably and responsibly worldwide

Oxy is creating new opportunities and efficiencies, building on a 100-year legacy of continuous evolution and innovation. We pair technical advancement with forward-thinking reservoir management and problem solving for industry-leading results. All with an exemplary safety and environmental record.

Mountains of Colorado with rig in foreground

Global Operations. Regional Expertise.

From Midland, Texas, to the Mukhaizna Field in Oman, our teams are hard at work delivering the energy the world needs with high-performance production operations. By applying advanced engineering and proprietary methodologies, we’re able to optimize our wells, infrastructure, drilling and completion techniques and reservoir dynamics for maximum results. 

Oxy pumpjack operations in Carlsbad New Mexico

U.S. Onshore

Oxy is one of the largest oil and gas producers in the United States. Our U.S. onshore operations are in the Permian Basin and the Rockies. We seek to optimize our development strategy by employing advanced subsurface characterization, technology and strategic infrastructure investment to maximize the value of each field. 

Permian Basin

Oxy is a leading producer in the U.S. Permian Basin, one of the most prolific oil basins in the world, where we operate some of the top-performing wells in the industry. With a position of approximately 2.8 million net acres in Texas and New Mexico, our combined Permian Basin portfolio of conventional and unconventional acreage differentiates us from our competitors. 

Aventine, our groundbreaking New Mexico logistics-and-maintenance hub, provides a competitive advantage by giving our operations real-time, cost-effective access to mission-critical supplies. The hub’s central location has increased transportation efficiency and reduced heavy-haul traffic, eliminating more than four million miles of truck traffic since operations began.

Oxy is the Permian’s leader in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). In these operations, CO2 is injected and permanently stored in oil and gas reservoirs during production to improve efficiency, economics and environmental sustainability. With more than 40 years of carbon management experience, we are the Permian’s largest CO2 EOR operator. Oxy stores up to 20 million tons of CO2 annually underground.


With a 30-year legacy of operation in the DJ Basin, Oxy is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in Colorado. 

We are committed to keeping our Rockies operations clean, safe and considerate of neighbors. These efforts have created innovations such as:

  • Our 24-hour Integrated Operations Center that provides real-time monitoring and remote operation capabilities for many of our DJ Basin wells, water tanks and pipeline system pressures.
  • Surface designs that use pipelines instead of trucks to transport oil to a central processing facility, eliminating the need for well site storage tanks. This decreases viewshed for nearby residents and reduces emissions, dust, noise and truck traffic.
  • An exclusive Water on Demand system that transports water to our operations via pipeline, eliminating more than 50 million miles of truck traffic from Colorado’s roads since 2012.

U.S. Offshore

Oxy is the fourth-largest producer in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and among the largest independent leaseholders.

We’ve developed extensive deepwater infrastructure that maintains a reliable, responsible supply of oil and gas to the global market.

This includes the operation of 10 advanced deepwater production facilities: Horn Mountain, Constitution, Lucius, Marlin, Holstein, Marco Polo, Heidelberg, Boomvang, Nansen and Gunnison.


Oxy has been producing in Oman for over 30 years, where we have steadily increased production and reserves and today are the largest independent oil producer operating in the country.

Oxy’s major operations are located in northern Oman, primarily in Safah and Wadi Latham Fields in Block 9, Khamilah Field in Block 27, and in Block 62, where we operate the Muradi Huraymah gas plant, and in south-central Oman in Block 53 at Mukhaizna Field, the largest producing oil field in the country.

In 2018, we were awarded three new exploration blocks near existing Oxy operations and infrastructure—a move that more than doubled our Omani position to 6 million gross acres.

At the Mukhaizna Field, Oxy has deployed a number of innovative approaches and technologies to optimize production, including a major pattern steam flood project for enhanced oil recovery that utilizes some of the largest mechanical vapor compressors ever built. Since assuming operations in Mukhaizna, Oxy has drilled over 3,280 new wells. 

We’ve increased production at Safah field in northern Oman through a combination of development wells, waterflooding and successful exploration.

Our exploration program in northern Oman is one of the most successful in company history, resulting in many sizable discoveries such as Wadi Latham, Wadi Aswad North, Khamilah and the Safah North B fields.

Oxy’s operations in North Oman and Mukhaizna in South-Central Oman are certified under multiple HSE standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) including:

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
  • ISO 39001 (Road Traffic Safety Management)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • ISO 50001 (Energy Management)
  • PAS 99 (British Standards Institution Specification for Integrating Common Management Systems)

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Oxy has a legacy of successful partnership with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), including our 30-year joint venture on Al Hosn Gas, one of the largest Middle Eastern natural gas developments.

Oxy holds a 40-percent participating interest in this development, which is located in the Shah Field and became operational in 2015. A significant driver of Oxy’s Middle East business, Al Hosn Gas features processing facilities to extract sulfur from natural gas and process it for sale. 

In 2021, Oxy made a multi-reservoir discovery in onshore Block 3 in the UAE in partnership with ADNOC. Oxy has a 35-year concession for this block, which covers approximately 1.5 million gross acres and is adjacent to Al Hosn Gas.

Oxy also has a 35-year concession to explore and develop onshore Block 5, which covers an area of approximately 1 million gross acres and is adjacent to onshore Block 3.

In addition, Oxy helps supply natural gas to markets in the UAE through participation in Dolphin Energy, the premier trans-border natural gas project in the Middle East and one of the region's largest energy initiatives (24.5 percent interest).


Oxy is one of Algeria’s leading foreign oil producers.

We are a joint venture partner with Sonatrach, Algeria’s state-owned oil company, in three flagship projects: Ourhoud, Hassi Berkine and El Merk. These projects were the result of a production sharing agreement signed in the late 1980s with Sonatrach. Through its subsidiaries, Oxy’s relationship with Sonatrach has been a long and mutually successful one.

Our relationship with Sonatrach dates back more than 30 years. Sonatrach and then-Anadarko formed a joint-operating association called Groupement Berkine. Today, Groupement Berkine facilities perform a number of value-added activities including mission-critical energy operations, engineering, maintenance, logistics and health, safety and environmental stewardship. The association has discovered more than 3 billion barrels of oil in Algeria to date.

Dolphin Energy

The Dolphin Gas Project is the premier transborder gas infrastructure in the Middle East, supplying natural gas produced in Qatar to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Oxy has a 24.5 percent undivided interest in the development and production of the project in Qatar's North Field, one of the world's largest gas reservoirs.

In addition to its interest in the Dolphin Gas Project, Oxy also has a 24.5 percent interest in Dolphin Energy—its associated development company. Dolphin Energy processes gas produced from wells in offshore Qatar at the onshore plant in Ras Laffan, Qatar, the biggest initial-build gas plant ever constructed. This plant processes approximately 2.5 bcf/day of natural gas and liquids. The gas is transported through one of the most extensive long-bore subsea pipelines in the world—a 48-inch-diameter, 230-mile-long subsea pipeline delivering to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The pipeline can move up to 3.2 bcf of natural gas daily.

Oxy female employee walking through pipes in Permian

Midstream & Power

Building efficiency into the movement of energy commodities to markets is a key driver in achieving a low-carbon economy. Through proactive facilities maintenance, power generation and marketing of products, Oxy plays an important role in delivering energy from the field to the market.

Performance Production in Action